• Lords of Wrath

    They hurt me, abuse me, use me… I signed up for it. Literally. I agreed to the contract that made me the Lords’ Lady, a position that requires me to do whatever they want, but only as protection from someone worse. I agreed to be in their beds, on my knees, and punished should I disobey. I just wasn’t expecting punishment like this. Killian is two-hundred-and-twenty pounds of muscle, brutal physicality, and pure spite. He thinks I don’t know that he watches me when I sleep. Tristian is fair-haired and charming to anyone who doesn’t know better. To me, he’s the man who seeks to control me, with his cold…

  • Lords of Pain

    I never claimed to be a good girl, but I definitely never asked for this. Killian, Tristian, and Rath. These three men are a part of my past–one that I’d rather never look in the eye again. In high school, they knew my secrets and I knew theirs. They had power and I had nothing. The night everything fell apart, my stepbrother allowed his two best friends to take their rage out on me while he watched. While they laughed. But what happened that night wasn’t my biggest secret. So I ran, planning on never coming back. Three years later I’m standing on their doorstep like a stray. They’re more…

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