“To create is to reign.”

The phrase uttered by the Princes of Forsyth is no longer a motto, but a harsh truth: I’m carrying the East End heir.

My pregnancy announcement wasn’t the only bomb dropped at the Princes’ annual Valentine’s Day party. I’d revealed to the entire world that Rufus Ashby is an abusive man who rules his sons with a sadistic bent, terrorizing them into becoming the best soldiers a father can create.

Turns out, I’m not the only one fighting for survival in this house of horrors.

Whitaker– He’s beautiful and broken, and though my betrayal of him may be my biggest regret, he makes it difficult to feel guilty.

Pace– The same paranoia which makes him viciously cling to the things he loves also drives him to lock them away.

Lex– His brilliance is matched only by his loyalty, but there’s two sides to the man who wanders into my room at night.

It’s not just the Palace that’s haunted by evil men; it’s the very soil the structure is built on. I’ll soon come to find the traumatic bonds that link my Princes to one another are more than mere shackles.

If I want the Monarchs to succeed, if I want this baby to have a chance, if I want to survive…

I have no choice but to break the ties of the Ashby brothers the same way I destroy the Palace.

Brick by brick.

November 10, 2023
516 pages

Trigger Warnings

Please heed the below warnings, as the Forsyth universe has many dark and disturbing themes.

  • breeding
  • bullying/hazing
  • cockwarming
  • drug addiction
  • dub-con
  • edging
  • forced bed sharing
  • insertion
  • j/p
  • maiming
  • med-kink
  • mentions of miscarriage/preg complications
  • murder
  • non-con
  • non-romantic MM
  • past child abuse
  • physical punishment
  • preg kink
  • public humiliation
  • sleep disorder
  • stalking
  • torture
  • whipping

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