• Princes of Chaos

    “Tonight embarks your journey as the vessel for the next great heir. Any woman can have a womb, but yours has been chosen.” He steps forward and presses a hand to my stomach. “Blessed.” When I received the invitation to the Princes’ masked ball, I assumed it was a mistake. Possibly a prank. Why would East End Royalty invite West End trash for an opportunity to become their Princess? The bigger question: Why would I take it? I was raised to be the Dukes’ Duchess, but that dream came to an end when they chose a different woman. I had everything it took to be a house girl, including my…

  • Dukes of Peril

    The ruin of obsession, the madness of love, and the peril of duty. Remington Maddox broke my heart. Simon Perilini bruised my body. And Pretty Nick Bruin tried his hardest to steal my soul. As we struggle to make amends, the four of us must face the real fights occurring in Forsyth: The battle against the legacies of our fathers, the conflict for a Kingdom that’s stronger than its King, and the wars we wage within ourselves. My Dukes have become capable warriors, but Forsyth needs more than their fists. They need a leader. Who will rise to the challenge? They plucked me from captivity, giving me a home and…

  • Dukes of Madness

    Two years of my life have been stolen by the Royals of Forsyth. Two years of captivity and hell. Two years at the whim of powerful men. I spent that time seeking freedom. Now I want nothing more than revenge. It won’t be easy. It’ll be painful and humiliating, but in the end taking down the thugs and thieves and criminals terrorizing Forsyth will be worth it. I just have to decide who to go after first.

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