• Dukes of Madness

    Two years of my life have been stolen by the Royals of Forsyth. Two years of captivity and hell. Two years at the whim of powerful men. I spent that time seeking freedom. Now I want nothing more than revenge. It won’t be easy. It’ll be painful and humiliating, but in the end taking down the thugs and thieves and criminals terrorizing Forsyth will be worth it. I just have to decide who to go after first.

  • Dukes of Ruin

    The crowns of Forsyth Royalty aren’t built with jewels. They’re forged in blood and sacrifice. They say a parent should never pick favorites, but my d*ck of a father, Lionel Lucia, is no Ward Cleaver. He’s a Count—a King of Forsyth—and all he ever wanted was a daughter to marry off and a son to secure his legacy. My sister’s marriage to the leader of the Counts would keep him in control of his house. If he’d had a son, things would have been perfect. Instead, he got me. Too wild. Too rash. Too rebellious. I’m half as pretty as my sister, and twice as stubborn. I grew up under…

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